Jamesbond Island


James Bond Island is a famous landmark in Phang Nga Bay

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08.00 AM Welcome you at Leam Nga pier, Check-in and pick up your snorkeling gear.

09.00 AM Depart from pier to Phang-nga Bay by speedboat.

10.00 AM Arrive Panak Island sightseeing wonderful stalactite.cave and lagoon

11.00 AM Visit Khao Phing-kan and Khao Tapu (James Bond Island) where filmed James Bond 007
                  "The man with the golden gun"

12.00 AM Sightseeing great mangrove forest viewing "Puddle Rock"

12.30 PM Enjoy with quality buffet lunch on Panyi Island.

02.30 PM Depart from Panyi Island to enjoy canoeing amongmangrove forest at Hong Island.

03.30 PM Take you to Khai Island for snorkeling then relaxingon the beach or enjoy extra activity (not include)

04.30 PM Take you back to Phuket with the impression.

05.00 PM Arrive at Seastar pier, Leam Nga and back to your hotel.







  1. Rountrip Transfer (All l hotel in Phuket )
  2. National Park Fees 
  3. Professional Tour Guide 
  4. Accident insurance
  5. Mask
  6. Snorkel
  7. Snacks 
  8. Soft drink
  9. Buffet Lunch


  • All Program according to the weather and tide condition
  • This tour program is not suitable people with congenital disease , asthma , heart disease , pregnant women , Child under 1 year old and who has over 75 years old  

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