Racha - Coral Island


Racha - Coral Island is one of the most popular places to visit in the Phuket

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08:00 AM Pick up from your hotel and travel to Ao Chalong Pier.

09:00 AM Check-in office Chalong Pier

09:30 AM  Depart from Chalong Pier to Racha Island by speed boat for just 40 minutes. 

10:15 AM Arrive at Racha Island, snorkeling to see colorful coral reefs 

11:00 AM. Arrive  “Ao Patok” to admire the beautiful scenery of the white sand beach. Walk up and take in the view of the curved bay. or relax at leisure 

12:00 PM. Have lunch buffet  on the island

1:30  PM depart from the peaceful Raya Island heading to Coral Island An island filled with joy

02:00 PM Arrive at Coral Island Relax at your leisure on the beach such as sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling or enjoying various water sport activities such as Scuba diving from the beach, coral reef walking, parasailing, banana boat and canoeing (these activities are not included in the tour price).

04:00 PM Depart from Coral island to Chalong Pier.

04:30 PM Arrive at Chalong pier.







  1. Rountrip Transfer (Patong , Kata-Karon Beach , Phuket Town )
  2. Professional Tour Guide
  3. Accident insurance
  4. Mask
  5. Snorkel
  6. Snacks
  7. Soft drink
  8. Buffet Lunch


  • All Program according to the weather and tide condition
  • This tour program is not suitable people with congenital disease , asthma , heart disease , pregnant women , Child under 1 year old and who has over 75 years old  

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